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This is an innovative technology fo fuel switching to convert solid fuel into gaseous fuel before the same is being used.
This process involves technology of thermo chemical conversion of Biomass into a combustible gas.
This gas can be used for generation of electrical power as well as Thermal Energy for application in Industries and other fields.

We are first in India to develop Rice Husk based gasification Plant. In this process solid biomass, a carbonaceous fuel is fed mechanically into a Gas Generator, which is embedded on a water lute in air-tight condition. Firing takes place here with supply of controlled air to occur partial combustion for generation of a combustible gas called Producer Gas. Ash drops on water and being taken out in form of cinder at regular interval. For thermal application, this gas is passed through a dust catcher to arrest dust particles before burning the same with a gas burner. To produce electrical power from gas generator, gas is passed through the gas water where gas travels from bottom to top against vertical water sprayingfrom top to clean the gas as well as to bring down is sent to the exhauster to separate tar from the gas centrifugally and finally to dry scrubber, where again gas is passed through filter beds for removal fo carried over particles and finally settle in gas holder. A modified diesel generating set runs with dual fuel arrangement of 70%-80% clean producer gas and 20%-30% diesel oil to generate electrical power. The same engine can be switched over within 10 seconds as diesel gen-set just be operating a knob during non-available period of requisite producer gas.
Beside rice husk, wood refuse, saw dust, wood bark or any other agro waste / residue palm nutshell, sunflower seed husk, ground nutshell, coconut shell, corn cob etc., may be utilised as an alternative fuel.
  • 1 kg. of ricehusk may generate 1.80-1.85 Nm3 of gas with heat value of 1200 k. Cal/Nm3
  • Maximum 70%-80% diesel oil can be replaced in the existing DG set depending upon its condition.
  • Thermal efficiency is as high as 72%-75%.
  • Exhaust gas from engine is clean and free from any toxic matter available at 525°C, can be used for any process heat.
  • Hot water at 60°C from water to water heat exchanger of the engine (recycle engine water) is available for any industrial application.
  • Tar as a by-product available@1/1.5% of the total husk burnt.
  • Continuous running system ensures uninterrupted power supply. It may run continuously upto 300 days.
  • Fuel feeding can be controlled as per requirement of power.
  • Capital cost and power unit cost are most economical.
  • By selling by-product alone total operational and maintenance cost may be realised.
  • No air pollution, no C02 emission, effluent treatment needed.
  1. Decentralised Mini Power station for rural electrification.
  2. On site power generating for any industry.
  3. Gas fired boilers, thermal application in all industrial furnaces.
  4. Process heat for various industrial dryers.
  5. Water heating, cooking application and room heating systems.
  Attractive Incentives, Relief in
taxes and Soft Loan available
from the government
Through GP Gasifier are normally available in standard models as detailed below, retro fitting and tailor made systems right from 20KW to 600 KW by a single unit and upto 2/3 Mw by battery of gasifiers can be provided as per specific requirement.

Specification GP100 GP200 GP500
Max. Electrical Output (KW) 100 200 500
Max. Thermal Output (K. Cal/hr.) 2,50,000 5,00,000 12,50,000
Reted Biomass Consumption (Kg/hr.) (Including 10-15% diesel oil) 110/120 210/220 510/520
Min. Space required for plant (Sq. ft.) 40'x40' 50'x40' 50'x60'