More than 700 Plants Running All Over India & Abroad

It was in the year 1969, that our Managing Director Mr. N.D. Mukherjee, a renowned technocrat in the field of grain processing & handling equipments in India & abroad (acknowledged by UNIDO) took up the challenge of developing LSU Dryer for application in drying of Parboiled paddy in the year 1969.

On a Govt. of India aided project, Mr. Mukherjee was awarded the challenging assignment of developing Paddy Parboiling Plant based on CFTRI hot-soaking process & Parboiled Paddy Mechanical Dryer based on LSU design.

Through a series of trial & error conducted with the assistance of various experts from CFTRI, Jadavpur University, LSU etc, and prolonged in-house study followed by various modifications. Mr. Mukherjee successfully developed this dryer for the application of Parboiled Paddy in a commercial scale. This brought about a new era of paddy processing in this sub continent.

Our company went on to various states of India advising to take up the process of Parboiling & switching over from raw rice or conventional parboiling process by highlighting various techno-commercial advantages o f this parboiled rice.

We went on introducing Parboiling plant in almost all states states of India & abroad. The first automatic Parboiled Rice Mill project in Bangladesh was set up by us in 1978. In Guyana, South America, we supplied first Parboiled Rice Mill project in the year 1995.

We developed and designed many systems in this field to suit local variety and requirement of customer.

We expanded our activities by taking up manufacture of husk fired Boiler, equipments & accessories of Milling plant to undertake complete Rice Mill projects on turnkey basis.

We executed many Parbolied Rice Mill projects on turnkey basis for various customers in India has including many Government & semi government organizations as well as for all our overseas buyers in many countries.

We observed for the last 15/20 years that electrical power problem arising out of erratic supply & rising tariff has crippled the growth of Rice Milling sector.

We are first in India to develop Rice husk based gasifier plant for generation of electrical power. This has brought about a new era in the concept of captive power plant and co-generation in the Rice Milling Industry.

We are engineered to provide any service to our customer from concept to commissioning & including post commission management services.

For his innovative contribution in the field of paddy processing, our Mr. N.D. Mukherjee received National award from President
of India.

We have a well equipped factory laid out on an area of more than 100000sq. ft. is run by a team of professionals. It is equipped with a fabrication shop having radiographic quality welding& stress relieving heat treatment arrangement, machine shop, assembly & fitting shop, testing & quantity control department.

The design, drawing & engineering section is manned by a team of most experienced engineers in this field. The use of CAD / CAM facilities helps make the state-of-the-art design of equipment.

Management of our company constitutes top professionals with the three of four Directors being Engineers from reputed institutes of the country.

Continuous research & development being our main objective, we are committed to forge ahead with introducing various new technology to benefit the industry and the related areas of society.