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Fin Material - Aluminium

Since fin and and the tubes are together in one piece, there will never by any formation of gap between fin and the tube - which will ensure steady and full scale heat transfer for good without any reduction or loss of efficiency.
Moreover since Aluminium is having thermal conductivity three times that of steel, these bimetallic tubes with Aluminium fins and Aluminium outer muff tubes will have immensely high efficiency of heat transfer in respect of standard and conventional heat exchanger.
Because of the higher degree of heat transfer, there will be a huge saving of steam.

We summarize below special features and advantages:

• A lifetime warrantee for efficient heat transfer.
• Exceptional corrosion resistance even in wet conditions.
• Great mechanical strength to withstand abuse.

• Aluminium muff tubes and fins ensures high transfer efficiency and saving of huge steam consumption, which means saving of   husk consumption also.

Split Type Heat Exchanger
  • High efficiency heat transfer Split type Heat Exchanger.
  • Steam inpyt from both sides for maximum heat transfer to tubes with less consumption of steam.
  • Split type frames are bolted together, easy for washing and maintenance.
Various Fin Tubes
  • M.S. Tube with M.S. Fin
  • M.S. Tube with Aluminium Fin.
  • S.S. Tube with Aluminium Fin.
  • Aluminium Extruded Tube and Fin.

Comparison of Steam Saving
  Using with Normal Standard M.S. Tube & M.S. Fin Using with higher efficiency Aluminium Fins, Extruded Fins etc.
Dryer Capacity Appx. Steam Consumption Appx. Steam Consumption
16T 900 kg - 950 kg/hr. 750 kg - 800 kg/hr
20T 1000 kg -1050kg/hr. 800 kg - 870 kg/hr
24T 1200 kg -1250 kg/hr 1000 kg -1040 kg/hr
32T 1600 kg -1650 kg/hr 1320 kg -1370 kg/hr
36T 1800 kg -1850 kg/hr 1450 kg -1525 kg/hr
40T 2000 kg -2100 kg/hr 1650 kg -1725 kg/hr
50T 2350 kg - 2450 kg/hr 2000 kg -2100 kg/hr