More than 700 Plants Running All Over India & Abroad
  We are first in India to develop and introduce Paddy par Boiling & Mechanical dryer plant in India in 1969.  


Since then constant research & innovation work has enabled us to develop new process & technicque of Parboiling & drying of paddy.

This is accompanied by design & engineering of correct & efficient equipment.

GRAINS PARBOILING system can produce following grades & type of rice.

  • Parboiled Rice ( CFTRI process)
  • Pressurized Parboiled Rice
  • Puffed ( Murrah) Rice.
  • Steam Rice.

Various Types of Equipments & Systems are designed & offered to  produce and facilitate above grades and quality of rice i.e.

  • Single stage parboiling system
  • Two/Three stage parboiling system
  • Single stage steaming system
  • Pressure vessels to carry out pressure parboiling.
GRAIN MECHANICAL DRYER brought a revolution in parboiled paddy drying way back in 1969. For last 35 years, continuous development work has enabled us to manufacture dryers which are highly energy efficient and capable to produce best quality Rice. The critical ratio between holding bin & beating chamber is calculated and maintained to attain required tempering & uniform drying of paddy with least problem.

The salient features of GRAINS dryer are:

  1. Minimum broken resulting high yield of Rice.
  2. Uniform drying of paddy
  3. Consumes least heat & electrical energy.
  4. Simple drive design to facilitate smooth running & easy maintainance at Mill level.

Our Dryer can be operated either with

  • Steam heat exchanger.
  • Husk fired hot flue heat exchanger.

Our Dryers are Offered in various materials of construction:

  • Mild Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Mild Steel & Stainless Steel ( Combind )
  • Aluminium
We offer plants of widest range of capacities starting from IMT / BATCH To 100MT / Batch Capacity
Profitability of Rice Milling requires high volume of production at lower cost. This needs equipments of a very large capacity. We have therefore designed & developed parboiling & Dryers suiting to above requirement. These large equipments are designed to consume least electrical & thermal energy to make the system more techno-commercially viable. We are also in the process of developing duplex drying system for a very high productivity of drying.

Small Capacity Plant

There are thousands of small capacity Rice Mills all over the Country which are unable to modernize their parboiling system due to high cost of machineries.

Grains mini Parboiling system offers solution to this problem.
We Have come out with mini PARBOILING & DRYER PLANT OF 3/4 M.T. /hour capacity with a small IBR boiler - at a very affordable price. This will help millers to set up small automatic Rice Mill at a low budget with the benefits of a large Rice Mill.