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Drying of Field Paddy before storage / milling is absolutely required for higher yield & less broken. Our grain dryer to dry any grain like paddy, maize, ground nut etc. solves above problem.The heating zone & hot air generator of our dryer are designed to provide slow/ medium/ fast drying suitable for any specific variety of paddy or type of grain. Steam heat exchanger and Husk fired hot flue to Air heat exchanger are used in our crop dryer to provide clean hot Air at a required temparature which is autocontrolled through sensor.

We design & manufacture Raw Paddy / Grain  dryers of various capacities from 12MT/ batch to 32MT/batch.

These dryers are provided with a semi fluidized bed furnace where rice husk or any other agro waste is burnt and the products of combustion is used to heat the ambient through an indirect  air to air heat exchanger.

Therefore no ash or hot flue or un brunt carbon enters the dryer thereby guaranteeing superior quality of end product after drying.