More than 700 Plants Running All Over India & Abroad

Our company was conceived and set up based on the revolutionary break through in paddy processing brought about by development & introduction of Paddy Parboiling  & drying plant by our founder director Mr. N.D. Mukherjee. Since then led by Mr. Mukherjee, we have dedicated ourselves to innovations & continuous research.

This has resulted in the development of a no. of new products aimed to benefit the customers and Industry as such.

Some of them are hush fired Air to Air heat exchanger for mechanical dryer. This has eliminated requirement of steam/boiler or at least size of boiler correct ratio of height of holding bin, heating chamber & length of battles in the dryer to achieve least broken of rice, captive power generation in rice mills through gasification of rice hush, fluidized bed furnace for combustion of rice hush etc.

Our Mr. Mukherjee received award from president of India for his invention on dryer plant.

Team of engineers & scientists in our company work on the customized design & solution of our buyer’s specific problem & needs. We are continually engaged in the commercialization of innovative process & system to improve upon productivity, energy efficiency, cost effectiveness & quality of end product.

Our R & D team is engaged now to develop new process of parboiling & drying, manimum utilization of energy, value addition to available bye products etc.

We are committed to partner with a sustainable growth of industry through innovation & development.